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Our awards and recognition
At Friends of Pool 9, we are proud of the recognition we receive, as it allows us to further spread our message and our cause. After all, the more people know about Pool 9, the more people understand why we work so hard to protect it. 

•    Friends of Pool 9 received a national award at the Friends Unite Conference in Washington, D.C. on February 22, 2009. Members of Friends of Pool 9 joined a record number of National Wildlife Refuge Friends and staff at the largest National Friends Conference held in the history of the Refuge Friends movement. The conference drew over 450 participants, representing 161 different Friends groups from 49 states and included 150 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff. 

 •    Friends of Pool 9 was selected as the "2009 National Wildlife Refuge System Friends Group of the Year" from the more that 220 Friends groups across America.•    John Verdon of Lansing, Iowa, received the River Guardian Award from the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. Verdon was recognized for his years of dedicated service with Friends of Pool 9.    

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