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Sep 18, 2018

Friends of Pool 9 – Upper Miss. Refuge, Inc.Board of Directors Meeting July 16, 2018 - 6:30 PM


Driftless Education & Visitor Center


The Friends of Pool 9 (FOP9) Board of Directors met at the Driftless Area Education & Visitor Center. President Baugher called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Directors in attendance were, Natalie Baugher, Bob Henkel, Bruce Revoir, John Mitchell, Bob Seeley, Jerry Boardman, John Verdon, Sue English, Joe Mazanec, and Darrin Thran. Also attending, Brandon Jones, Mark Schneden and Don Thran.

Sabrina Chandler - Was not in attendance, will try to come to the next meeting.

Approve Minutes – 5/14/2018 – On motion by Jerry, second by Joe, the minutes were approved as written.

Financial Report – Larry provided copies of the financial report for the period January through June, 2018. The bank balance at the end of June was $46,955.65. On motion by Bruce, second by Bob S., the reports were approved.

Correspondence Received – John read a letter to the Board from Ric Zarwell relating his health issues at the present time and the possible impact this could have on the "100 year Century of the Refuge" book Ric is trying to organize. The letter is on file with the Secretary. Jerry Boardman also related his upcoming aneurism surgery and its impact on his availability to FOP9. We are hopeful and pray that both of these fine men recover completely and continue to work for a better Pool 9. Addendum: John has visited with Tom Limbach, who broke a bone in his leg and will not be available for months as well.


MRAD – John, Jerry, and Bob S. reported that plans have begun to involve both Lansing and De Soto students in three activities to be held at The Driftless Center, Black Hawk Park, and Genoa National Fish Hatchery. The event will take place on September 12 and all expenses of school transportation, driver pay, and lunches will be paid by FOP9. We will need to provide 8 canoes or 2-person kayaks to be transported to Green Lake at Black Hawk Park. More info later.

Annual Meeting – Natalie stressed that we still need items for the silent auction, as well as a larger item or two to auction off (such as a Paddleboard or a Kayak). Darrin will check to see if Cabela's/Bass Pro will make us a deal. Jerry reported that Raffle ticket sales are going well and that he has 103 left. If all are sold we stand to profit about $4,000. Natalie is still in need of more T-shirts for the quilt, give her your old shirts.

Beach Projects – Brandon approved the on-going spraying of poison ivy on the beaches. John will send a "call" to the Work Group by an email to meet at Big Slough Landing at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, July 25 for a day of cleaning and spraying beaches. Mark S. said he would mow around the Will Dilg Memorial on Hwy 82, Winneshiek Landing. Joe reported there has been no progress on the Conway Lake Project but that it may be too late to begin any work in 2018.

Website Enhancement – Larry had provided all members with info regarding the plan to up-grade our website and the costs involved. Following a lengthy discussion John M. moved and Bob S. seconded the motion. The motion carried and Brian Stoll will be paid $2,600 to set up the site, and Host the site for an additional $90/month for one year; and $50 per month after the first year. John reported that he had received a call from Genoa National Fish Hatchery and Nathan Eckert with regards to having the GNFH newsletter on our website, the request was tabled to the next meeting.


Lansing Fish Days – Bob S., John M., and Sue reported that things are being organized for Saturday, Aug. 11. Sue will need help transporting and set-up of tables and tents at the Fest Grounds on Saturday morning, Bob H. and John V. will help her. Sue will also recruit others to help and work shifts. John M. will help with tear down and transport back to storage at 5:00 PM on Saturday. John M. has contacted the IA. DNR for the fish truck, and will contact GNFH for a mussel display. Both displays will be in the area of the FOP9 tent and sales. Brandon will talk with Hallie (FWS) about attending for the day.

Winneshiek Landing Day – Sue, Jerry, and John M. reported it was very hot, but they had good sales of items ($355) and recruitment of 5 new members during the event.

Eastman UMC Bible School Event – John V., Jerry, and Mark will attend the half hour presentation to children on Tuesday, Aug. 7 to tell them about the Mississippi River and FOP9. The group would like to do something for the river, and has asked about constructing "fishing line recycling boxes" from PVC pipe. FOP9 is willing to assist and pay for the boxes.

Warehouse Work Day - Sue needs help organizing items at the FWS storage building. Set Tuesday, July 31, 9:00 AM as a work day, needs volunteers to help.

Remove Village Creek Donation Box - With work to begin at Village Creek Landing in early August Bob S. has agreed to remove the donation box and relocate it to Winneshiek Landing or De Soto.

Donation to Kids Fishing Tourneys - Motion by John M., second by Bob S. to give $300 to both the Kids Fishing Tourney in Lansing and the Kids Fishing Tourney at Black Hawk Park. Motion carried.

FWS Items Reported by Brandon

Tree Planting Issues – With the water so high for such an extended period of time Brandon feels few young trees will survive because of being covered with water and the lack of photosynthesis. He is hopeful they will be able to plant more trees but time will tell. FWS will start a Harpers Slough aquatic vegetation study shortly. And they will be attending Refuge-wide meetings in La Crosse. Timber sales along the north side of the Upper Iowa River (out from Hwy 26) will be pushed back to next year and the Whalen tract north of New Albin is also partially submerged, but the Minnesota DNR has 5 years to complete that project. Mark raised the question of the future of the Cold Springs landing. Discussion followed but there was no action taken at this time.


Window Stickers – Bruce reported that he had received the stickers and the first printing was not what he had ordered, so the company agreed to do them again as per his original request. The cost is $.33 per sticker. The company also sold the previous print to Bruce and FOP9 at a very reduced price ($100). They are free to all members and will be handed out at the Annual Meeting, and are also handed out at the Driftless Center.

Next Board Meeting – August 20 at the Driftless Education Center at 6:30pm.

ADJOURN – On motion the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

John Verdon, Sec.-Pro Tem

Larry Quamme, Secretary

New Posts
  • May 6, 2019 - 7:00PM Driftless Education & Visitor Center The Friends of Pool 9 (FOP9) Board of Directors met at the Driftless Area Education & Visitor Center. Acting President Sue called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM. Directors in attendance were, Bob Henkel, Larry Quamme, Jerry Boardman, Sue English, John Mitchell, Joe Mazanec, John Verdon, Lisa Welsh, and Bob Seeley. Also attending Ric Zarwell, Blake Schoh, and Alex Galema. Driftless Donation – Jarrod Olson brought the kayaks, which the FOP9 provided a $5,000 donation towards purchase, to the parking lot and a group photo was taken. Jarrod thanked the directors for our participation and talked about a large group of students that already used them. Donation Request – Elynn Russell-Miller, a sophomore student at De Soto High School, and her mother, were present and discussed their fund raising efforts to support her attendance at a youth summit on the Environment in Washington, D.C. Merranda Boardman, the De Soto High School Biology teacher, had also sent a letter of recommendation to the FOP9 Board. After discussion, John V. moved to provide $750 towards her needed funding to attend the summit and to provide her with a FOP9 T-shirt. On second by Jerry, the motion was approved. Approve Minutes – 03/11/19 – On motion by John, second by Lisa, the minutes were approved. Financial Report – Larry presented the April 28, 2019 report. Income year to date is $2,213.00 and expenses $15,123.00. He noted the generous gift from Dairyland Power for $1,000. The bank balance as of that date is $43,120.82. On motion by Jerry, second by John M. the report was approved. USACOE Mississippi River Master Plan – The news release was discussed and the members feel that FOP9 as well as area people such as the Mayors and Village Presidents need to be made aware of the information and urged to provide input. It appears that the public meeting(s) have not been scheduled and Joe will watch for that to be announced and will keep the board informed. Scholarship Project Report – Bruce and Jerry were at the De Soto scholarship awards day on May 5th where scholarships were given to; civic volunteering – Jake Sikora, college – Taylor Olson, and technical school – Leah Meyer. Kee High School reported that no students applied for any of the 3 scholarships we offered. Discussion is needed on requirements at a future board meeting. River Clean-Up – The uncertainty of the river levels prevents scheduling the clean-up date. Jerry discussed the need to recover the many plastic barrels in Reno Bottoms. Dates were discussed but due to scheduling conflicts and the projected drop of the water level, it may have to be delayed until next year. The general clean-up will be reviewed at the June board meeting. Genoa Fish Hatchery Donation Project – Doug Aloisi was unable to attend for the donation presentation. He will be available to discuss the Multimedia Gallery and the presentation at a future board meeting. Elect Board President – Sue affirmed her information from the last board meeting that she could not continue as president but would continue as Vice President. She asked for nominations and then indicated that John V. had indicated he would consider finishing out the 2019 year. On motion by Jerry, second by Lisa, John V. was elected President to fill out the unexpired term to 12/31/2019. Appoint Project Leader/Members to Committees – Beach Cleaning – Blake Schoh, Bob H. Bob S., Mark Schneden, Larry, and Jerry. Brandon (USFWS) is open to clean-up of beaches and spraying of noxious weeds. Fire Rings – Kevin Quillin & Mike A’Hearn Fish Days – Bob S., Sue, Clothing Sales. Doug Aloisi will be contacted for clam display & Bob. S. will contact IDNR for fish trailer display. Winneshiek Days – De Soto – information is that it will not be held this year. MRA D – Lisa will chair and looking at 9/11/2019. She will be reviewing the program ideas. Annual Meeting – Scheduled for September 28th. (By-laws set it for 4th Saturday in September) in New Albin. Need a Chair Person. Eagle Nest Project – Jerry and Ric Zarwell and other volunteers conducted the survey. They located a total of 213 nests in Pool 9 with 161 active nests and 52 inactive. The FOP9 purchased a chip for Jerry and he mapped all nest locations. He is working with the FWS on the GPS project. FOP9 Projects – The “Fish Line” holders at boat landings with the donation from the Eastman Bible Camp Kids is in progress with Jerry and Joe working on it. Sue mentioned possible other project ideas that she had seen in Florida on a recent trip. USFWS – Larry reported on a discussion he had with the retiring director of the National Friends Academy and passed out some information regarding the Congressional Act that created Friend’s groups and the purposes. Board discussion occurred and the feelings are that the FOP9 has done quite well meeting the mission requirements and supporting the efforts of many projects in the refuge. Beach Sand – Larry shared written information from a meeting with Brandon noting that he has secured permits to complete “beach sand enrichment” on the beach at mile 664.3 on the Iowa side only. The WDNR is not open to any proposal. Joe volunteered to make contact with the USACOE regarding sand availability. Cold Springs Landing - Brandon has agreement with the USACOE to meet and discuss possible alternatives and the FOP9 will be invited. Information Release – A memo from Brandon was shared noting that the FOP9 is free to collect and survey eagle data but release of the information to others requires approval of the FWS (Brandon) for information from the national refuge and for protected species. IDOT Meeting – Blackhawk Bridge – Bryan Bradley made contact with the FOP9 wanting to come to a meeting to get information from our eagle survey. John V. will contact him as he needs to get the information from Brandon. 2019 Boat Landing Potties – We will be placing potties at the Big Slough, Winneshiek, De Soto (cost share) and Lynxville (cost share) landings. Hackett quoted $90 per month, no raise from last year. On motion by John V, second by Lisa, the quotes were approved. Clothing Donation – John M. reported that a large (100 plus people) are involved in a golf day and thought some “hole prizes” would be great advertising for FOP9. On motion by Jerry, second by Sue, T-shirts and hats were approved and will be provided. Next Meeting – The next meeting was set for June 17, 2019 at 7:00pm at the Driftless Center. During the meeting discussion occurred about the need to involve younger people to be active and consider board of director membership. The June meeting will provide some treats and refreshments and every current member is requested to invite someone to come to the meeting. Bob H., Bob S., Sue, Jerry and John V. volunteered to setup the meeting and obtain the needed items. ADJOURN – On motion by Bob S., second by Joe, the meeting adjourned at 8:55pm. Larry Quamme, Secretary
  • Since an annual meeting is required by their By-Laws, Friends of Pool 9 members gathered at the New Albin Community Center on Saturday, September 22. The 159 attendees were treated to a dinner of beef brisket and chicken prepared by Milty's Restaurant in Lansing; salads, veggies, and dessert completed the meal. Members arrived early for the camaraderie of the social hour, as they reminisced the years activities and events. Two rooms were rimmed with Silent Auction items, ranging from tasty foods to tackle boxes with lures and other outdoor items, as well as trips and wine packages that teased the pocketbook of everyone. Photo (1st one) caption should read: Bidders add their price and name to the bid sheets as they visit with friends during the Silent Auction during the FOP9 annual meeting, September 22, 2018. During the Business Meeting Secretary/Treasurer Quamme reported that the Friends of Pool 9 account on August 31, 2018 shows Total Income of $38,369 for the year and Total Expenses of $23,644 for the year; leaving a Checking/Savings balance of $46,622.28. Five Board members were re-elected at the meeting and the following have agreed to serve for the next three years to 2021: Sue English, Joe Mazenec, Larry Quamme, Lisa Welsh, Al Wuennecke. The FOP9 raffle was also a great success and the winning ticket for the $500 cash prize went to Deedee Drew, the $300 ticket to Al Wuennecke, and the $200 was won by Avani and Anya Quamme. Don Larsen was a winner in the FOP9 Photo Contest, as was Ron Moore President Natalie Baugher announced Emil Bronecki as the Friends of Pool 9 Volunteer of the Year (not in attendance) for his volunteerism. He has been active on the clean-ups, working at Genoa on the clam cages and the sturgeon tagging, as well as the special beach projects. John Verdon also gave a "special courage" Volunteer of the Year Award to Anne Gallagher (also not in attendance) for her service and commitment. She has been active on special projects at Genoa and became known as "Anne the riveter" while working on clam cages. She has been struggling with an illness but still finds time and energy to help FOP9. John also recognized her effort with the 100 Hour Volunteer pin. Wendy Woyczik Assistant Manager US Fish and Wildlife Service, Mc Gregor District gave Volunteer Hour pins to members that had achieved certain levels. 100 Hour to Emil Bronecki, Karen Hutson, Don Lathrop, Deb Masek; 250 Hour to Sue English, Russ Hagen, George Olson; 1000 Hour to Jerry Boardman and 2000 Hour to Ric Zarwell. Photo #2 caption should read: The following were in attendance at the meeting and received their pins: L. to R. Don Lathrop (100), Sue English (250), Jerry Boardman (1,000), Ric Zarwell (2,000), Wendy Woyczik US FWS. Some of the Live Auction items drew particular interest including a rifle from the Civil War era, a metal name plate of the FOP9 logo, a hand-sewed quilt made from FOP9 colorful t-shirts, and special taffy and pretzel treats. Larry Quamme was the auctioneer and did a masterful job of getting everyone involved in the spirit of giving. President Natalie Baugher thanked everyone for their attendance, their financial generosity, their commitment to Friends of Pool 9, and to the river itself. None of what we do would be possible without the effort of all the volunteers that give thousands of hours annually to make Pool 9 one of the best on the Upper Mississippi River. Thanks to all of you.
  • Driftless Education & Visitor Center The Friends of Pool 9 (FOP9) Board of Directors met at the Driftless Area Education & Visitor Center. Vice President English called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Directors in attendance were, Bob Henkel, Larry Quamme, Bruce Revoir, John Mitchell, Bob Seeley, Jerry Boardman, Sue English, Joe Mazanec, Lisa Welch and Al Wuennecke. Also attending, Mark Schneden, Sabrina Chandler, Steve Casterton and Arlen Wonderlich. Funding Request – Arlen & Steve presented plans for a “Splash Pad” to be added near the new playground equipment in the Lansing Park. The size would be an oval 25’ by 35’. They indicated the City had approved the project and the cost would be $35,000 plus installation. They are hoping the installation can be done with local contractors. Steve suggested that it will bring children to Lansing with families that use the river. They indicated they were hoping the FOP9 would pledge $5,000. After questions and answers and discussion, Jerry moved that the request be tabled until after the annual meeting. On second by Bruce the motion carried. Sabrina Chandler Visit – Sabrina had been invited as relationships between the FOP9 and the McGregor District seemed strained and no participation of the FWS staff had occurred at any FOP9 events. Sabrina discussed the many cuts in budget and the drastic reduction in staff and also explained the many divisions within the FWS and how they relate to each other. The movement of sand to beaches was discussed and she talked about the various issues between federal departments that are involved. Sabrina will be following up on several issues and a very good discussion occurred. The FOP9 thanked her for her efforts and openness and the FOP9 expressed their willingness to be more involved and a “good friend”. Approve Minutes – 7-16-18 – On motion by Jerry, second by Lisa, the minutes were approved as written. Approve Financial Report – Larry provided copies of the 1/1/18 to 8/14/2018 financials. Total income for the period is $12,605.19, total expenses $14,892.12. As of 8/14/2018, $46,166.32 is deposited in the checking/savings account. On motion by Bob S., second, by John M., the report was approved. Correspondence – Larry read a thank you note from the Blackhawk Park staff for the FOP9 financial support of the Youth Fishing Derby. Second, Erin Cubbon has been hired as Office Manager at the Driftless Center. COMITTEE REPORTS: MRAD – Lisa and Jerry indicated that most of the plans for the September 12, 2018 event are set. 66 7th graders from the Lansing and De Soto schools would be attending. Arrangements for making lunches will get set shortly and John V. would be seeking volunteer helpers. Annual Meeting – Larry reported that the liquor license is approved. Natalie must have a list from each board member of what they are donating and the estimated value. The committee must start getting the items prepared for the auctions. PLEASE EMAIL NATALIE YOUR LIST AND IF NO DONATIONS ALSO RESPOND TO HER WITH AN EMAIL. The postcard inviting everyone to the annual meeting was discussed. Board members felt that more time was needed for the silent auction and the “annual meeting” part should be at 6:30, dinner at 7pm and the “live auction” follow the dinner. On motion by Al, second by Jerry, the postcard was approved with the noted changes. Beach Projects – Members reported that the beach work on 7/25/2018 went well. Spraying of the poison ivy will occur shortly. . Website Enhancement –Larry reported that design by Brian and staff is proceeding and draft designs will be coming soon. ACTIVITIES: Lansing Fish Days – Sue and John M. reported that the booth was well received and $473 of clothing was sold on a very hot day. The Iowa DNR fish trailer as always was a bit hit. Sue indicated that the booth location near the tent where the eagle and other shows occur is vital to our success. Eastman Bible Camp Program – John and Mark reported that the children were quite young in age but the program was well received by the kids and also the adults. Warehouse Work Day – Members reported that things went well and having the office cleared out and organized is wonderful. Sue was authorized to get needed plastic totes as needed. Donation Box – Bob S. indicated that he had moved the donation box to the Winneshiek Landing and Bruce collected $30 from the box. FWS Items - Sabrina indicated that the contract for Conway Lake had been awarded by the USACOE to Kaiyuh Services LLC with the bid being $103,000 less than McHugh Excavating. OTHER ITEMS:– Handicap Ramp – Information about the deletion of the handicap ramp at the Village Creek Boat Landing project varies depending on who one talks to. It appears it was deleted from the project before the lower bids were opened and the cost may be $30 to $45 thousand. The FOP9 feels our organization should invite the DNR project manager to a meeting. Larry will follow up. By-Laws Committee – The committee members are Larry, Bruce, Bob S. and John M. The committee will meet at the Driftless Center on Wednesday, 8/22 at 3:30pm. Nominating Committee – Natalie appointed Bruce, Bob S. and Bob Hoksch to the Committee. On motion by Bob H., second by John M. the Board approved the appointments. Members with expiring terms includes Al, Larry, Lisa, Sue and Joe. Scholarship Proposal – Bruce suggested that the FOP9 consider scholarships for graduating seniors from Lansing, De Soto and Seneca Schools. Members voiced support and the item will be added to the next Board meeting agenda. Next Meeting – The next meeting was set for October 29, 2018 at 6:30pm at the Driftless Center. ADJOURN – On motion by Jerry, second by Bob H., Sue adjourned the meeting at 8:50pm. Larry Quamme, Secretary

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